24 August 2010

Well, it's getting closer.... and more real....  17 more days.  I picked up my Auto Injectors today.  I guess the threat of being gassed is still real over there.  After all the hype of why we went in there in the first place, I didn't get these when I went to Iraq.  Still, I know we did good things there, WMD's or not.  I did hear of Mustard gas being found over there quite a bit so i guess we were lucky.

I am also ordering a few things off the internet to make my home there more bearable.  But one does one REALLY need when living in a tent?  I guess I was spoiled last deployment.  Iraq 2005.  There I got to live in a 2 person trailer.  Not very big, but at least we had a  door and a few milk crates between us two for privacy.  Trying to stock up on cards to send back to hubby and kids.  They probably won't have ANY where I am going.  And the ones they do get, are all military related and usually guy focused.  LIKE GIRLS DON'T DEPLOY!!  I hate that........  And buying the kids a few things to have while I am gone.  I talked with a fellow deployer, J, and he stated another person was going with us.  I asked why?  Did someone drop out?  He said "No, it is just that she is our squadron running-Nazi and coming along to make us run"  GREAT!!!  Actually, I wanted to do the P90X while we were there so we will all be in great shape when we get back.  Most of us will have to do our PT, Physical training, test when we get back anyway.  When you deploy, you tend to eat less because you don't have a pantry or snack cupboard to indulge in.   You also work out more because there is nothing else to do in your down time.  Well, besides catch up on movies.  


  1. Hi Cathy! if you have access to the internet on deployment now and then, perhaps you might like to take a peek at some of our home grown fruit and vegetables from time to time. Make a nice change to see something green for a change! PS what on earth is an auto injector??

  2. Matron- yes, just looking at that sweet corn makes me drool! Auto Injectors- If you get a chemical or gas attack, you can jam these in to your leg and medicine like Epinephrine goes in to you to counter the effects of whatever you just came in contact with. Scary stuff! Thanks for visiting!