26 August 2010

I am on alert today.  Getting a lot done.  Slept in a bit with the baby, went to the gym, cleaned the house, lunch, work, and gathering deployment items.  Now we are under 2 weeks.  Wait... wasn't it just 17 days?  Yes, we got moved up 2 days.  Have to be on the East coast and leave from here on that same day.  THAT ain't gonna happen.  So now we leave 2 days earlier.  No big deal really.  Just have to get this checklist DONE!  When you deploy you have to have everybody and their brother make sure you are "Good to go".  I am really surprised that they haven't sent us to the library! (Don't laugh, I really have seen it on our PCS checklist)  Just as they weather is getting nice here, I have to leave.  I actually sat outside today for 10" waiting for my lunch date to pick me up.  And I didn't melt in to a glob of melted goo while waiting!  It was only 85 and low humidity.  The clouds helped as well.


  1. I'll be looking forward to reading your updates. I have a nephew over there right now. Doing his part pounding the ground in desert cammo.

  2. Looking forward to following your blog. I'm a new nurse in an extremely busy ED. Got my sights set on being a flight nurse and looking forward to hearing your stories.